of the Year

March 30, 2020

St. Regis Roof

Two East 55th Street

New York, NY

11:45 AM: Cocktails

12:30 PM: Luncheon


2020 Mothers of the Year Luncheon

25 Years of Celebrating Exceptional, Inspiring Women

Dear Friends and Supporters, 

The American Cancer Society Mothers of the Year Luncheon will celebrate its 25th year in 2020. The event honors those who have gone above and beyond to inspire their communities by being devoted mothers, leaders in the board room, and advocates for philanthropic endeavors. Plans are underway for a sparkling celebration, including bringing back former honorees to celebrate the strides we have made in leading the fight for a world without cancer.


Since 1995, the Mothers of the Year Award Luncheon has raised more than $5 million and has convened inspiring women who are invested in the health of their communities and the future of women’s roles in scientific breakthroughs and cancer research. The American Cancer Society is committed to fighting every cancer and helping every community, and our commitment is further supported by our distinguished events.


Women play a pivotal role in the prevention and early detection of cancer, serving as researchers, advocates, fundraisers, and most importantly, caregivers for family and friends who are fighting this disease. By supporting the Mothers of the Year Award Luncheon, you are commending the women who make these daily sacrifices on behalf of our mission to find a cure. 


We are grateful for your sustained commitment to the American Cancer Society. Thank you for considering how best to support of our upcoming 25th anniversary milestone.



Kris Kim

Executive Vice President

American Cancer Society, Inc.

Northeast Region